Choosing A Stylish New Front Door For Your Phoenix Home With Arizona Window and Door Store

First impressions are everything, especially when someone is walking up to your front doors for the first time. Imagine if the paint was peeling off, or there was a large scratch down the panels. No matter how spectacular the inside of the house may be, the front door is the first and last thing guests will see. The front door to a home sets a tone, tells a story. Maybe the door is a solid mahogany multi-panel, and features beveled glass accents, and rich heavy hardware. The simple elegance creates quite a statement and lets the guests know that they are arriving somewhere impressive. Door installation Phoenix should be indicative of the architectural style of the home, but also express the personal style of the homeowner. Below are some ideas homeowners can consider when choosing front doors for their homes.

Top Tips For Choosing An Entry Door

Door Color

Before simply choosing a door color, you can always sample colors by doing the same thing you would do for the exterior of your home. Take a picture that includes as much of the house as possible, including the door. Then you can print out the picture or use computer software to change the door’s color. Insert colors you might want to use and see how the house changes with each color. It is always a good idea to get the door to relate to the exterior in some way, otherwise the bold color will just look awkward and you’ll eventually want to change it. Consider matching other accents of your exterior, such as shutters.

Metal Doors

This is a strong material; it can withstand force and in most cases seams are hidden, making it almost impossible to break into. This is another reason why so many companies choose this material to provide a secure environment for their employees and to keep their assets safe. Unlike a wooden door, the metal door frames are fire resistant. They can also come with superior insulation, ideal if you are in a colder climate. These metal door frames offer superior performance and can withstand almost everything that is thrown at them making them a safe alternative for any homeowner.

Phoenix Glass Exterior Doors

There are several different types of exterior glass doors available in the market today, so you can choose the one that will complement the entrance of your home the most. There are modern and contemporary designs for you to choose from. If you want an old fashioned, rustic appeal, there are also exterior glass doors that are created with precise skill and craftsmanship. Imagine looking at the natural sunlight gleaming through the glass on summer afternoons. Some are made from mahogany, knotty alder and other types of rustic wood. You can opt to buy this glazed or keep its natural color; whatever you choose, you are sure to find the one that can really make a great first impression for those that will see your door.

Professional Door Installers Phoenix

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